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Grandparents Day at Holy Rosary Catholic School.jpeg

We're Back!

Another Year for the Books.


After a hiatus, your Grandparents Club is fixin' to get re-energized, organized and focused on supporting the HRA mission and vision. Look for us at Grandparents Day in October.

While we're reorganizing, the basic idea remains the same.


What’s the idea?

Holy Rosary Academy has been extremely successful in attracting students and delivering excellence in education as recognized in its designation as a Department of Education 2013 Blue Ribbon School.  However, an aging campus and facilities has created a drain on resources for critical upgrades and repairs that are essential to maintain a safe, healthy and effective environment to carry out its mission.

While many grandparents of students support HRA in a variety of ways, there is perhaps an opportunity to more effectively tap into the tremendous resource through an organizational and educational effort directed specifically to this group. If the needs of the Academy are more well-known by this group, it is likely they would gladly join in support of them, perhaps in more significant ways.

The Idea is to develop an organization of grandparents of current HRA students to inform them on the needs of the Academy, and enlist them in support of addressing those needs, developing a Grandparents support network to address current and future needs of the Academy.  

What could we do?

An HRA Grandparents Club could act in a variety of ways to support the school through:

  • Instill an atmosphere of true “family-involvement” and Christian ideals by teaching our grandchildren about service to others and the church

  • Monetary contributions

  • In-kind” donations such as services and supplies

  • Support of existing Fundraising events or develop new ones

  • Provide a diverse perspective and ideas/solutions to help improve and maintain a healthy, safe learning environment to prepare our grandchildren for the future


Have some other ideas?

We are the formations stage, and we are totally open to any and all ideas. Do you have some others? We hope you’ll share them. Email Lois Matisak or call at 615-476-6291.

Watch for updates here and in an upcoming Grandparents Club NEWS.