Welcome to Pre-K. You're going to Love it here.


We hope that you will come and visit and see what our school is all about!

Pre-K at Holy Rosary is the introduction to formal education for our students. We want our students to learn that they and others are valued and important as we are all created in the image of God. A major part of that learning is to facilitate the social skills that children this age are developing… to cooperate in both play and work with others as members of God’s family. To enhance social skills and to learn and practice our Catholic faith, we have a full religion curriculum that we teach, in addition to taking advantage of daily opportunities to pray and discuss how to be all that God desires. This is part of the learning we plan for your child. In addition, we assist students to learn vital pre-reading and pre-math skills, while immersed in a variety of social studies and science topics. We approach education in a child centered, child friendly way. Our goal is for students to have fun while learning and growing, so that they are ready to succeed and excel in kindergarten.

We offer two classes in Pre-K. We follow the age requirements set forth in our licensing guidelines by the Tennessee Sate Department of Education, Office of School Based Support services.

The three-year-old class offers an introduction to learning in a group. Developmentally, children this age are becoming aware of others, so social skills and learning to play with others and interact in a group is of vital importance.

In addition, children are exposed to the alphabet, listening to rhymes, learning to recognize environmental print, and other foundational skills to learn that print is what we read.  In math, we emphasize counting with one to one correspondence, recognizing patterns and shapes, and learning that numbers represent objects we count.

Fine motor skills make up the foundation of later school work, so use of fine motor skills is encouraged daily through a variety of methods including the use of finger plays, playdough, tweezers, manipulating small objects, as well as helping arm and hand muscles to develop through games and activities so that children are ready to write.

The four-year-old class is focused on preparing children for kindergarten academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. Children are encouraged to develop independence throughout the year. Using social cues, thinking about how other children feel, and other skills and strategies to help children develop socially and problem solve are modeled and encouraged. Writing in various forms and settings is included daily to encourage not only fine motor development, but also to help students see that they are readers and writers. Students learn to say the letter sounds, to match the sounds to letters, to hear the sounds in different positions in words, to rhyme, to clap syllables, to segment sentences and to break words into individual sounds.  They are exposed to sight words.  In this way, children have a good basis in pre-reading skills and are ready to begin reading in kindergarten, if they have not done so before the end of the Pre-K year. Students work individually, in small groups, and in large groups to help develop attention spans, group skills such as waiting their turn and not always going first, sharing the attention of the teachers, and other vocational skills that help set the stage for excelling in kindergarten.