Dedicated educators with a proven record of success.



This team is here to assist with any Holy Rosary inquiries or questions, making things as informative and seamless as possible.


Father Steiner

Peter Rodgers


Carolyn Berry

Bookkeeper / Assistant to the Principal

Alaina Dougharty

Director of Admissions


Catholic Pre K

These teachers encourage social interactions and foster a creative learning environment.


Kristina Baker

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Allison Nanney

Pre K 3 Teacher

Kristie Clunan

Pre-Kindergarten Aid

Vicki McMullen

Pre-Kindergarten Aid


Kindergarten & Elementary School Teachers

The ground team. Those that inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.


Amy Lavender

Kindergarten Teacher

Tammy Glass

1st Grade Teacher

Courtney Lister

1st Grade Teacher

Kristin Burnett

2nd grade teacher

Elaine Humes

2nd Grade Teacher

Debbie Pillon

3rd Grade Teacher

Kellie Neal

3rd & 4th Grade Resource

Ben Bledsoe

4th Grade Teacher

Jennie Crumby

5th Grade / Home and School Faculty Liaison

Hollie Guthormsen

5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Mary Haynes

Technology Director & 5th Grade Math


Middle School Teachers

Middle school teachers teach students from sixth to eighth grades and are responsible for only some of the subjects their students learn throughout the day.


Mary Wilhelm

6th Grade Religion

Cheryl Pryor

7th Grade Religion Teacher

Arrione Galvin

6th & 7th Grade Language Arts

Debi Akin

7th & 8th Grade, Algebra & Athletic Director

Victoria Richards

7th and 8th Language Arts Teacher

Cathy Sharbel

Middle School Science Teacher

Jim Walsh

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher


Co-Curricular Staff

Co-Curricular staff lead the students in Physical Education, Spanish, Computer, Library and Music.


Jake Morgan

P.E. Teacher

Anne Kelley

Library/Media Specialist

Christine Melton

Music Teacher


Support Staff

The members of the faculty that are involved in the daily routines and maintenance of the school 


Beth Wood

School Secretary

Judy Malmin

Director of Escape

Carla Webb

School Counselor